R.O.S.E.S from Sarah

(Recovery Or Single-Mother Educational Support)

The Sarah Kristin Owen Fund continues to support organizations that align with its mission statement.

To date, the Sarah Kristin Owen Fund has donated over $800,000.00 to selected organizations.

The mission of the Sarah Kristin Owen Memorial Fund is to benefit children and young women by improving their education, economic, physical and social well-being with a special focus on their need to live a drug free life.

It is our hope to channel our grief into a positive situation by helping those in need. If our efforts can save one life, we will have accomplished our goal.

The Herald wrote…Owens turn loss of daughter into mission to help others
Nov. 24 marks a devastating day each year for Ron and Judi Owen.
It rekindles a deep sorrow that every other day of the year attempts to ease. Nov. 24 signifies the loss of Sarah, their 23-year-old daughter who died after battling drug addiction.

Ron and Judi recently spoke about their experience with The Pittsburgh Foundation.
During the months after Sarah’s passing, we were struggling through our grief, as well as our teenage daughter Lauren’s, and the day-to-day care of Sarah’s daughter Taylor. Close family friends, one of whom happened to be an attorney in Pittsburgh and another from Cherry Hill, New Jersey approached us about setting something up in Sarah’s memory.

Sarah Kristin Owen
Sarah Kristin Owen
Feb. 20, 1980 – Nov. 24, 2003

R.O.S.E.S. from Sarah honors our Sarah, whom we lost to the devastating disease of drug addiction. The pain, frustration and sense of hopelessness that comes with the addiction of loved ones is almost unbearable. A daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend is gone from our lives, and we miss her every day, despite all the struggles we shared during her years of addiction.

We established R.O.S.E.S from Sarah (Recovery Or Single-Mother Educational Support) to channel our grief into something positive by helping those in need. More than 16 million Americans share Sarah’s struggle with substance dependence and abuse. Each year nearly 19,000 people die from drugs, both legal and illegal. Any amount you can donate will provide much-needed funds to help protect girls and young women from Sarah’s fate.

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Ron and Judi Owen