About Sarah

Sarah Kristin Owen

Feb. 20, 1980 – Nov. 24, 2003

Sarah was a vibrant young woman who lived her life to the fullest. She was a loving daughter, sister, mother, niece, granddaughter and friend. She was sympathetic to the needs of others, especially the elderly.

But no matter how beautiful a rose is, there are still thorns. Sarah was a good person who happened to have a serious illness. Drug addiction is like any other disease that needs to be treated and cured. Many people have an image of what an addict should be like, but that is not always the case.

Through all the pain, she still gave us respect, love and consideration. Many people were not even aware she was an addict. Sarah’s years of struggles with addiction came to an end Nov. 24, 2003, but her legacy lives on through this foundation and through the love of her family, but especially her daughter, Taylor Rose.

All Sarah needed was one more tomorrow. Through R.O.S.E.S. from Sarah, we hope to give girls and young women the help and encouragement they need to get to that tomorrow.